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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Where Happiness Begins, by Eva Eland

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Dutch author-illustrator Eva Eland’s debut children’s book, When Sadness is at Your Door, was featured as a Breadcrumbs Best Book in 2019.  In 2020 she has gifted the universe with a pitch-perfect companion: Where Happiness Begins! Both books are absolute “must-haves” for your little one’s social-emotional collection.

This treasure is chock-full of fodder for playful discussions about those people, places and things that bring you joy.  Being mindful of the extraordinary variety of things that make you happy is empowering. Where Happiness Begins also explores the many elusive qualities of happiness… “Some days it seems to be hiding.  While others, it’s right there with you wherever you go.”  

Best of all, I love Eva Eland’s recipe of those days when you feel overwhelmed and far from home… “Just breathe… In that quiet moment you will realise you don’t have to keep looking for Happiness...” As it turns out, ultimately, happiness is an inside job! “... because, in the end, happiness begins with you.” 

(Ages 3-103)


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