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Our Books

A Quiet Happy Place: A Children's Introduction to the Labyrinth
by Melinda M. Cropsey

This one-of-a-kind introduction to the labyrinth is designed for children of all ages. A labyrinth is a special place where you "can't mess up!"; a place to breathe... imagine... and listen to your heart! Labyrinths can be made of almost anything: from fruit loops to linguini! With magnificent photos from around the world, children are encouraged to playfully explore and create labyrinths of their very own. This book is the perfect gift for labyrinth-lovers to share with special children in their lives. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Penelope's Superpower
by Melinda M. Cropsey
illustrated by Giada Rose

Penelope, a playful hedgehog, introduces her woodland friends to a simple, meditative, heart-centered breathing practice.  Breathing “in like a flower and out like a shower” she awakens them to the Superpower of LOVE and infinite possibilities that surround and support us all. (Ages 3-7). Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


Penelope Hears Her Heart

by Katherine & Maya Ward

illustrated by Giada Rose​


Penelope, a frightened little hedgehog, startled by the appearance of an owl, flees her familiar home and embarks on an adventure. Deep in the woods she discovers a labyrinth where, with the help of the owl, she learns to calm and self-soothe by tuning in to the voice of her heart. She returns rested and excited to share her insights with her woodland friends. Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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