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Breadcrumbs Best Book: In a Jar, by Deborah Marcero

If the cover illustration alone isn’t enough to send you racing to order In a Jar from your local bookstore... rest assured that In a Jar is a treasure both inside and out!  This book is a magnificent celebration of gratitude for nature’s wonders and all of those ephemeral things we cherish.  It highlights our natural human desire to “capture” and “hold-onto” them forever!  When our conscious collector—Llewellyn, meets a kindred spirit—Evelyn, he quickly discovers that when viewed through the lens of shared enthusiasm the magic is magnified.  Ultimately their friendship—a bond that cannot be broken by physical separation—proves to be the most magical gift of all. 

One of the most powerful social-emotional tools you can offer a young child is the ability to use visualization to rekindle positive memories.  Encouraging them to mindfully appreciate and hold onto memories of those people, places and things that have brought them joy is the first step.   Highlighting the emotions of wonder, awe, appreciation and love associated with the experience is equally important.  Finally, storing that special memory in the “Jar” of the heart is the key to being able to re-experience that flood of positive emotion.  When coupled with focused attention and breathing, the memory itself can be used again and again as a tool for calming, centering, self-soothing.  

Stop, Look and Listen!  Springtime is the perfect time of year to appreciate nature’s extraordinary bounty.  There’s never been a better time to become a conscious collector!  Create your own collection of magical memories;  in a jar, a journal, a drawing, a painting, a photograph, but most importantly, hold them in your heart. 


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