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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Be Brave Little One, written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond

“Be brave to begin to listen inside to the voice of your heart, so truthful and wise.”

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use an extra ounce or two of courage as we settle into our second wave of quarantine. This pitch-perfect social-emotional primer is filled with sage advice for young and old alike.

Bravery is about honoring your innervoice, choosing to heed its advice, and doing what feels right for you. With poignant prose and playful illustrations Marianne Richmond illustrates that:

  • trying something new, persevering, venturing out and exploring;


  • knowing when to return home, rest and journey inward,

ALL have one thing in common: They are all acts of bravery!

With the bravery to “be with your feelings” and your compass trained to your heart, you can greet life’s inevitable ups and downs with courage and chart your course with confidence.

Be Brave Little One is a “must have” for your Social-Emotional Library! (Ages 4-7)


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