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Breadcrumbs Best Book: All of Me! a book of thanks, by Molly Bang

“Start with what you know!” - What better place to begin to develop a gratitude practice than with yourself?!? All of Me! is a celebration of being alive, from your pinky-toes to the tip of your nose and everything in between. Molly Bang playfully highlights all of the wonderful things our “parts” enable us to enjoy.

“Nothing comes to the intellect that is not first in the senses.”
Maria Montessori

Beyond simply identifying body parts, All of Me! is a delightful primer on a range of other social-emotional topics including: mindful awareness of the senses; emotional fluctuation and self-awareness; interconnectedness; and perhaps most importantly the need to feel “loving and perfectly safe.”

I know you’ll find that All of Me! is a top pick, as each page invites playful exchanges and interaction! The real heartbeat of the book... thump, thump, thump… is an undercurrent of LOVE!


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