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Breadcrumbs Best Book: ABCs of Kindness, by Patricia Hegarty + illustrated by Summer Macon

Breadcrumbs Best Book 12-28- 2020

New Yorker Magazine 12-7-2020

“Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development.”
Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori described children between birth and age 6 as being in “need of a loving and intelligent defense”, not because they are “puny and weak”, on the contrary, because they are actively absorbing impressions which “do not merely enter their minds; they form it.”

I can’t imagine a time when it has been more important to exercise discernment in choosing the books and messaging we share with the little ones in our midst. While none are immune from the “Anxiety," the “Boredom” and the seemingly relentless undercurrent of STRESS associated with the Coronavirus, we can choose to focus on positives! Patricia Hegarty’s ABCs of Kindness seems tailor- made for times such as these. Her peaceful, poignant prose, coupled with Summer Macon’s charming illustrations make this SEL primer a treat for all ages!

“Gg” is for gratitude - give thanks along the way.

“Hh” is for hope - tomorrow is another day!”

As I see it, each little mind is a palace! You can fill it with trash or you can fill it with treasure. The ABC’s of Kindness is a treasure, indeed!

*Montessori, Maria (1995). The Absorbent Mind, Henry Holt & Company, New York, NY.


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