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Breadcrumbs Best Book: All the Places to Love, by Patricia MacLachlan & Mike Wimmer

By Patricia MacLachlan, paintings by Mike Wimmer (1994) HarperCollins Publishers, New York, NY

This book is a celebration of family, nature, the circle of life and all of the things we hold most dear.  Peaceful prose and extraordinary illustrations transport the reader to a bucolic New England farm where three generations highlight their favorite spots… from the rich river valley to the hilltop where blueberries grow.  

We all hold special places in our hearts...  places where we feel happy, peaceful, safe and loved. We are mindful of every detail.  The sounds, the smells and the emotions we associate with these special places trigger an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love.  Rekindling such memories is deeply calming and soothing. In fact, the very first heart-centered reflection in the Breadcrumbs Curriculum invites children to transport themselves as follows:

“I place my hands on my heart, and a smile on my face,

I imagine that I am in my quiet, happy place.”

Reexperiencing the feelings that you associate with these very special places is key. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have shown that recalling feelings of joy, appreciation, care, compassion and love is deeply relaxing and provides regeneration to the nervous, immune and hormonal systems, facilitating health and well-being.  Teaching children to evoking positive feeling memories offers them a powerful social-emotional tool.

This book is a beautiful springboard for sharing, highlighting and revisiting all of the magical feelings you associate with your very own places to love! 

(Ages 4-8)


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