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The Breadcrumbs Labyrinth

The most distinguishing feature of the Breadcrumbs Curriculum ( is its incorporation of the labyrinth as a tool for social emotional learning! The labyrinth is a wonderful kinesthetic teaching tool which uses movement to enable children to connect to the content of the curriculum! After enjoying a story and brief discussion the children delight in walking the labyrinth while considering a heart-centered reflection question.

Unlike a maze, the labyrinth presents a single, meandering path to the center and back out again. “Trust the path and you’ll make it to the center. You can’t mess-up!” It’s gently rocking twists and turns afford children the opportunity to shift from their sometimes racing minds to the peaceful reservoir of their hearts.

It is from the heart, the seat of emotional experience, that one truly processes and integrates ALL key SEL concepts: love, gratitude, empathy, appreciation, respect, compassion, patience, kindness, forgiveness, peace...

Social Emotional Learning isn’t about “Teaching TO” children, it’s about highlighting, cultivating and celebrating what they already know - by heart!


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