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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Words and Your Heart, by Kate Jane Neal

“How about we use our words to look after each other’s hearts?”

Underscoring the impact that words can have on the heart, is British author/illustrator Kate Jane Neal’s mission!  Helping children to understand that words are powerful, and can both positively or negatively affect the way another feels is an all-important lesson.   Teaching children that with words alone they can make somebody’s world a better place is empowering!  

Use this book as a springboard to develop a vocabulary of kind, uplifting words and phrases.  Celebrate opportunities to use words to make others smile and laugh, especially if they’re feeling down or stressed.  Create your own greeting cards and send them randomly.  Remind a friend or relative of a favorite memory, something you admire about them, or simply just how much they mean to you!

“Today, somebody’s world can be a better place because of you! (Doesn’t that make your heart feel good?)”


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