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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Tomorrow Most Likely, by Dave Eggers & Lane Smith

Nothing is certain in life, but many things are... “most likely”! This wildly delightful book chronicles a young boy’s vision of the day ahead, as he drifts off to sleep. With imperfect rhyme and extraordinary illustrations, Dave Eggers and Lane Smith magically capture a “child’s-eye-view”of reality. Perceived through this lens, virtually everything encountered by the boy in the yellow hat, as he winds his way through the coming day, is a feast for the imagination!

Maria Montessori wrote: “...children come into the world endowed with new energies that could… give a new breath of life to the world.”* 

This book does just that!  And will surely encourage dreams of a bright tomorrow, over and over and over again. You’ll love it… “most likely”!!!

*Montessori, M. (1966).  The Secret of Childhood, Random House, New York, NY, p.2.


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