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Breadcrumbs Best Book: The Tree in Me, by Corina Luyken

The Tree In Me

By Corinna Luyken

(2021) Dial Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House, New York, NY

Recognizing our interconnectedness, in fact our “interbeingness" is not just an important social-emotional skill… it is rapidly becoming an important survival skill!

Corinna Luyken’s The Tree In Me “has roots that go deep” into the essence of what it is to be alive and genuinely a part of this beautiful universe. By playfully exploring our relationship to trees, Corinna Luyken makes wonderful parallels to our humanness, and to the multifaceted relationships we enjoy with plants, animals and one another. The illustrations are nothing short of magical and story is loaded with foder for delightful discussion!

Suzanne Simard, whose research discovered “the wood wide web," describes trees as “caring, sentient and wise”. Our children are too! Get outside with your little one and hug a tree! The tree will feel the benefits and you will too!


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