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Breadcrumbs Best Book: The Best Part of Me, by Wendy Ewald

(2002) Little, Brown and Company, NewYork - Boston.

I’ll never forget walking into the classroom of one of my dearest and most respected teacher friends and seeing a ring of waist-high (eye-level to a 6 year old) black and white photos of body parts!  Each photo was accompanied by a brief heart-warming note, poem or essay about why that particular “part” was treasured and appreciated.  Inspired by The Best Part of Me, she and her students had brought this wonderful photo-essay book to life in their classroom.

As discussed in my Blog earlier this month, entitled 1-2-3, I Love Me, developing self-compassion and a positive self-image is an all-important social-emotional skill.  In this world-wide “time-out," we’ve all had more time than we’d ever anticipated to “contemplate our navels”.  For many adults this is awkward and unfamiliar territory.  Children however, not having absorbed mountains of cultural messaging, freely celebrate their wonderful, unique, miraculous bodies.  The Best Part of Me is a marvelous collection of photos and reflections - at once playful and profound.  

May you be inspired to recreate this treasure in your own home.  Ask your child, and yourself - What’s the Best Part of Me?  And while you’re at it, ask... What is a Special/Unique Part of Me?  What Part of Me could use a Little Extra Love? 

Love All Around,



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