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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Penelope's Superpower by Melinda Cropsey + illustrated by Giada Rose

My goal in writing Penelope’s Superpower was to offer young children a tool for quieting their minds, self-soothing and connecting to the wisdom of their hearts.  For some weeks now in the Breadcrumbs BLOGs, I have been highlighting the “rationale” for the simple practices which enable Penelope to connect to The Universal Superpower - LOVE! 

  • Placing your hands on your heart naturally shifts attention from the head to the heart and triggers the body’s relaxation response.

  • Consciously smiling reinforces core heart feelings and helps reduce stress.

  • Imagining you are in a place where you feel peaceful and safe enables your body to re-experience those feelings in real time.

  • Consciously slowed breathing is a universal means of creating calm and inner peace.

By coupling a simple rhyme with Giada’s extraordinary illustrations my hope is to inspire young children to enjoy a playful means of taking time out for time in.  By connecting to the heart they come to appreciate their innate, loving predisposition and are able to build a strong social emotional framework around it.

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