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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Maybe, by Kobi Yamada + illustrated by Gabriella Barouch

“Do everything with love.  Follow your heart and see where it leads you.”

With this line alone, Kobi Yamada’s Maybe popped to the top of my Breadcrumbs Best Book pile! Poignant prose coupled with magical illustrations make this a must-have for your child’s library. It is truly a mesmerizing work, which you will doubtless enjoy reading again and again.  

This tale follows a creative sprite and her adorable piglet companion through a reality of her own imagining. You can’t help but join the reverie, knowing that you too “have everything it takes to do big things.” Maybe is full of possibility and positive affirmations, which mirror one of my favorite Maria Montessori quotes:

“Everyone has a special inclination or special secret hidden vocation.”*

Chock-full of fodder for meaningful heart-centered reflection and self-discovery, Maybe is a celebration of the wonder, the beauty, the potential and the great gift of each individual life. 

Another classic!  Compendium is crushing it!!

* Montessori, Maria (1967).  The Discovery of the Child, The Random House Publishing Group, New York, NY.


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