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Breadcrumbs Best Book: Isle of You, by David LaRochelle + illustrated by Jaime Kim

When you’re feeling sad or blue, the very best resource may be YOU!  Sometimes the best way OUT of a dark humor or situation… is IN.  David LaRochelle’s Isle of You is an invitation to consider just that!  A young girl is refreshed and renewed by taking an imaginary journey to the “Isle of You” where she is surrounded by the people, places and things she enjoys most.  

It’s all about where you choose to focus your attention.  Teaching young children to shift their attention from their minds to their hearts is the first step.  Learning to trust that their hearts know and hold a boundless reservoir of their individual preferences, loves and enthusiasms, is important.  Guiding them to experience that when coupled with imagination and creativity, these treasured memories can be used to mend their emotional landscape is transformative.  

After delighting in reading Isle of You, enjoy sharing your heart-centered responses to the following questions:

  1. Who is in your welcoming committee, waiting to greet you on your Isle of You?

  2. What activities might you enjoy most… dancing, swimming, dress-up, adventure?  Or, might you be more in the mood for a restful, relaxing restorative start to your visit to the Isle of You?

  3. Plan a menu for your perfect party on the Isle of You.  What special favorites might it include? 

  4. What season or time of day suits your fancy for this adventure?

  5. Who’s in your Polar Bear pile-up of LOVE?  (Those family members and friends you can always count on to offer unconditional love?)

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