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Breadcrumbs Best Book: If You Plant a Seed, by Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson’s beautifully illustrated If You Plant a Seed is a feast for both the eyes and the heart! A Rabbit and Mouse duo plant, tend, and ultimately harvest a lovely little crop of vegetables.  When asked to share their bounty, however, they make a selfish decision and trouble... BIG TROUBLE ensues. Rabbit and Mouse ultimately learn - the hard way - that a kind-hearted response can yield unimaginable results - and enough food to feed an entire community!

Maria Montessori saw young children as being guided by what she referred to as the “intelligence of love."  By encouraging young children to tap into the wisdom of their own hearts and mindfully evaluate actions and behaviors, prior to carrying through with them, they come to trust their own inner compass.   They come to know that in so-doing the fruits (and vegetables) of their actions will be bountiful and very sweet indeed!


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